Oil company maps – Australia and the Pacific – A-B

This map was issued by the Australian Ampol petroleum firm in 1959.
Australian independent Ampol issued this map of New South Wales in 1961.
This map was issued in 1993, by Ampol Limited, one of the few remaining independent Australian oil companies. The map is part of a series showing scenes from the region in question, in this case the state of Victoria.
For a couple decades beginning in the early Sixties, U. S.-based Amoco (formerly Standard Oil of Indiana) had a small Australian subsidiary in addition to small operations in Great Britain and Europe. The branding for these operations used the same torch and oval logo as was used stateside, but used the "Amoco" brand name instead of the "Standard" or "American" names used in the United States at the time.
This map is believed to date from 1980 and shows the contemporary Amoco logo used both in the United States and for overseas operations. The "metric road map" reference is a clue that Australia's conversion from the imperial system of measurements was underway at the time of this map's issue.
This map was issued in 1935 by Atlantic Union, a company that marketed in Australia and New Zealand and which was at one time owned by the Atlantic Refining Company and Union Oil Company of the United States.
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This map was issued in 1964 by New Zealand's Atlantic Union.
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This undated map was probably issued in the early Fifties by Atlantic Union. Since acquisition by Standard Oil Company of New Jersey, the transition to an Esso-like oval logo had begun.
This undated Australian map was also likely issued during the Fifties. Pictured is a composite image showing the front and rear covers. The dual logos show the transition from Atlantic to Esso following the Australian company's acquisition by Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. In later issues, the Esso brand would completely replace that of Atlantic for its Australian operations.
This dual-branded map from the Fifties shows the transition from BP's Australian affiliate Commonwealth Oil Refining and their COR brand to the internationally-recognized BP brand.
This map of Victoria was issued by BP Australia in 1963.
This map was issued by BP Australia in 1970.
This map of Melbourne was issued by BP Australia in 1996.
This BP map of New Zealand was issued in 1962.
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The Burmah and Shell companies both explored and marketed petroleum products in various parts of the world but developed a joint marketing system for India. This map was issued by the joint operation in the Fifties.