Oil company maps – North America – L

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Leonard Refining was located in Alma, Michigan and was a regional marketer operating within Michigan. This map was issued in 1959. The Michigan maps issued by Leonard in later years consisted of the official map issued by the state of Michigan, with Leonard covers added.
This 1968 Leonard map is also based on the state-issued official map. In 1970, Leonard Refining was acquired by Total and its stations rebranded to the Total name shortly thereafter.
The Lincoln Oil Refining Company of Robinson, Illinois was acquired by Ohio Oil in the early Twenties. Originally marketing in a small part of Illinois and Indiana near the Robinson refinery, Linco expanded into the upper midwest after the Ohio Oil acquisition. Linco served as the company's principal brand until the late Thirties when the well-known Marathon brand (and the marathon runner depicted on this 1938 map) were adopted as the brand name.
Based in El Dorado, Arkansas, Lion was founded during the early twenties and mostly marketed in a five-state region until expanding into the south central and southeastern region beginning in the Fifties. This 1946 map shows Lion dealers marching in formation.
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This map shows the streamlined lion adopted by Lion Oil Company in the early Sixties. During this period, Lion was owned by Monsanto Chemical but was sold to Tosco in the early Seventies. Tosco discontinued branded marketing a decade later.
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