Oil company maps – Europe and the British Isles – N

The National Benzole Company was established in England in the years following World War I to market motor fuel fortified by benzole. In the late Fifties, National Benzole was acquired by Shell-Mex & BP Ltd. Despite the acquisition, the company remained an independent brand. This map was issued around 1959, just after the Mercury logo was modernized, but before the "Benzole" was dropped from the brand name.
This map was issued by Britain's National brand in 1978. By this time, owner Shell-Mex & BP Ltd. had been dissolved and their joint assets divided. Some National stations were converted to Shell. BP acquired the balance and retained the National brand until around 1984.
This atlas was issued by Nitag Deutsche Triebstoffe Aktiengesellschaft (Nitag German Fuel Company) in 1938. It consists of a multi-page atlas bound into a cardboard cover along with a list of service stations. Due to Germany having annexed Austria earlier in 1938, a supplementary map of the newly-acquired provinces is also bound into the atlas.
Nitag continued to exist as a relatively minor brand after World War II, and was acquired by Gasolin in the late Fifties. This map was issued in 1952 and is a booklet that lists Nitag stations in the western occupation zones of Germany as well as marking the station locations on the map itself.
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Nynäs was a local Swedish producer/marketer. The brand name was derived from the company's home base of Nynäshamn, located on the Baltic coast, south of Stockholm. Nynäs was acquired and rebranded by Shell during the Eighties. This map was issued in the early Seventies.
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