Oil company maps – Europe and the British Isles – C

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This is a 1963 map of France issued by the French Caltex subsidiary. Cartography was by Michelin — note the Michelin man and the characteristic map code number. The country outline, green background, and vertical and horizontal lines are classic characteristics of Caltex maps during this period from around the world.
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This 1961 map of Ireland was issued jointly by Caltex and by the Irish Tourist Board.
This silver-colered map was issued by the Caltex Netherlands affiliate. The map is undated but appears to be an issue from the late Fifties.
This map of Norway bears the standard Caltex design of the late Fifties and early Sixties.
The cover art and logo on this map are a bit different than the typical Caltex European map issue of this era, possibly due to the different ownership of the Italian subsidiary. This map probably dates to the late Fifties.
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This 1963 Swedish road map issue is actually a thick spiral-bound road atlas.
Burmah Oil Company Ltd. was founded in the United Kingdom in the nineteenth century, and was founded to explore and produce oil in the Indian subcontinent. In the Sixties, Burmah diversified and acquired well-known lubricant maker Castrol. This Castrol branded road map was issued in 1986. Shortly after this map's issue, Burmah began to scale back its petroleum fuel marketing operations, preferring to concentrate on lubricant production.
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Following Caltex's departure from Europe in 1967, the parent companies (Standard of California and Texaco) divided its European operations, with the Chevron and Texaco brands taking over. This Chevron map of Denmark dates from the early Seventies and is fairly typical of Chevron's European issues from that period — and even bears a resemblance to some Chevron issues issued in the former Standard of Kentucky marketing area in the United States.
Founded in the north east of England, the Cleveland Petroleum Company Ltd. had a fairly sizeable market in Great Britain. Owned by the British Esso subsidiary since the Thirties, the Cleveland brand was replaced by Esso around 1973.
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