Oil company maps – Middle East

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Founded in 1922, the Anglo-Asiatic Petroleum Company was a Shell affiliate and eventually became the Shell Company of Palestine. With Shell's departure, the company became Paz Oil Company Ltd. in 1958. Paz is Israel's largest refiner and over a third of the service stations in Israel are operated by Paz. This spiral-bound atlas was issued in 1999. Note that the binding is on the right side of the cover since Hebrew is read from right to left.
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Sonol was founded in 1953 as the Israeli subsidiary of Socony Mobil. The parent company had been present in British-occupied Palestine since World War I. Note the dual Hebrew/English covers.
In 1969, Mobil sold off Sonol; due to political complications, the major international petroleum companies have virtually no presence in Israel. Sonol is one of the three leading petroleum companies in Israel today. This map was issued in 1971 and is the English-language edition. Presumably a Hebrew edition of the map also exists.