Oil company maps – North America – D

Deep Rock was based in the Oklahoma oil fields and had an extensive marketing presence throughout the midwest. Shaffer Oil and Refining was the "parent" company with Home Oil Company most likely being the local distributor. This attractive map was issued in 1928.
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This beautiful map was issued by Deep Rock in 1935. Shaffer Oil had gone through receivership during the Depression and emerged as the Deep Rock Oil Companies.
This Deep Rock map was issued in the Fifties, close to the time the company was acquired by Kerr-McGee.
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Derby Oil was a Wichita, Kansas-based refiner and marketer that operated in the plains states until being acquired by Coastal during the Seventies. Rebranding as Coastal took place in the late Eighties.
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This Thirties-era map was issued by the Mid-Continent Petroleum Co. of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Mid-Continent had a sizable marketing operation in the midwest states using the Diamond name. Later branding used the "Diamond D-X" name.
This 1954 map shows the Mid-Continent Petroleum's post-war image where the "Diamond D-X" brand was dropped in favor of the simple "D-X" image.
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This map was issued by the Sunray DX Oil Company in 1965 and shows the "de-hyphenated" DX logo in use after the late Fifties. This map was issued just a couple years before DX's acquisition by the Sun Oil Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Most remaining operations in the former DX territory throughout the midwest states are now branded Sunoco.
This slightly-unusual DX map of Topeka, Kansas was issued in 1967 by DX's distributor in that area, the Sewell-DX Oil Company.
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Not much is known about the Dividend Bonded brand other than that they operated in a fairly small region in the midwest. This map was issued in 1963.
Dixie Distributors was a Michigan-based distributor association put together in the Twenties which formed affiliations with independent jobbers around the country, but mostly based in the midwest and southwest. By the Sixties, the Dixie organization fizzled in the wake of the intense efforts of the major brands to bring independent operations under their control.
This map was issued by McNutt Oil & Refining Company, the Dixie affiliate in El Paso, Texas. The map dates from 1952.
Douglas Oil Co. was a Los Angeles-based regional company that operated in California and other parts of the west. It was acquired by Conoco in the Sixties. This map dates from 1961.
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Drake's Refinery Stations, Inc. was a small firm marketing in some twenty Michigan communities. This map was issued in 1963.
The Direct Service Oil Co. was a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based marketer. It was purchased by Western Oil & Fuel in the late Fifties.