Oil company maps – Europe and the British Isles – L

Leuna was a subsidiary of Germany's I. G. Farben industrial conglomerate and operated throughout the pre-war German Reich. The Leuna name originated from the location of the refinery in eastern Germany, not far from Leipzig. This 1935 atlas issue consists of a bound version of sectional maps which were also available individually. The German word Zapfstellen roughly translates as "pumping place" or "pumping station".
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This map is a small folder showing Berlin and its environs. It was issued during 1936 when the German capital hosted the Olympic Games.
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This colorful 1938 map is part of Leuna's series of 16 sectional maps of Germany, with this particular issue centered on Berlin. The map shows crests of five of the major cities in the depicted region, as well as a gasoline pump. After the end of World War II, I. G. Farben's petroleum operation in the western occupation zones was spun off and the Gasolin brand name was adopted.
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