Oil company maps – North America – I

Illinois Farm Supply was a cooperative operating in Illinois and neighboring states. This map dates from the late Forties when the "Blue Seal" name was used for motor fuels. Illinois Farm Supply is now part of Growmark Industries and uses the name "FS".
Imperial was a Missouri-based refiner who operated discount retail outlets in the midwest and south central states until the Eighties. This map dates from the early Sixties.
Imperial Oil Limited was one of the largest oil companies in Canada and was a member of the Standard Oil trust. Assigned to Jersey Standard upon the Standard dissolution of 1911, the Canadian operations continued to use the well-known Imperial brand for many years. This 1935 map shows an oval logo reminiscent of Jersey Standard's new Esso emblem used in the eastern United States. Subsequent emblems for the Canadian operation adopted the Esso name but retained the "Imperial" designation.
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This undated map of Newfoundland was issued during the Forties when Newfoundland was still a British protectorate, and before it joined the Canadian confederation in 1949. Fittingly, this map carries an image of a Newfoundland retriever.
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The Independent Quality Service designation was used by independent, unbranded dealers served by Ashland during the postwar years. This map dates from 1952.
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Ingram was introduced in the south in the late Fifties and operated for only a short period before acquisition by Murphy Oil and rebranding of stations under the Spur name.
This 1950 map shows the Pétroles brand name used by Irving Oil for its subdidiary operating in the Canadian province of Québec. This map is actually dual-branded using both the Irving and Pétroles names; the map is reversable with the Irving name appearing on the other side. While the Québec subsidiary Pétroles existed for a number of years, the Québec operations were soon rebranded to the Irving name. A 1952 map shows both the Irving and Pétroles company names, but only the Irving brand.
Irving is one of Canada's few remaining independents. Founded in New Brunswick during the Twenties, Irving markets in eastern Canada and has recently expanded into the northeastern United States. This map dates from the late Sixties.