Oil company maps – North America – F

The Falcon name was adopted for retail operations by the Consumer Co-Operative Association for several years following World War II. This map was issued in 1955.
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Farmers Union Central Exchange was a cooperative based in St. Paul, Minnesota. This map was issued during the early Seventies prior to Farmers Union adopting the CENEX name in 1974.
The Belgian-based Fina brand is well known in Europe but didn't make its appearance in the United States until the late Fifties. American Petrofina, the U. S. subsidiary, acquired a number of small companies operating in the plains states and Texas. This 1957 multi-branded map shows a modified Fina-like logo for the newly-acquired Amlico and Panhandle brands, together with the Fina logo that was to eventually replace the old brands.
This 1958 multi-branded map shows three brands in addition to Fina. Having previously acquired the Amlico and Panhandle brands shown on the 1957 multi-branded Fina map above, Fina added the Elreco brand to the 1958 issue.
This post-rebranding map dates from 1960 and is typical of the Fina maps issued through much of the Sixties. This decade brought Fina an expanding presence in North America with additional acquisitions (such as that of Cosden in 1963). In time, Fina's marketing region was to expand to include the midwest, southeast and south central states, with a presence in the Pacific northwest.
Fina operates in Canada through its Petrofina Canada subsidiary, having entered that market in the Fifties.
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A regional marketing operation in Ohio and neighboring states, Fleet-Wing was acquired by the Standard Oil Company of Ohio (Sohio) in the Twenties. Shortly after Sohio was acquired by British Petroleum (BP) in the late Sixties, Fleet-Wing was sold to Pennzoil.
Until the mid-Fifties, the Associated Tide Water Oil Company operated with two brand designations. Associated Flying A stations served the west coast states and Tydol Flying A stations served the east coast. The brand name became simply Flying A in both west and east coast marketing regions (the former Tydol midwestern stations had been sold by this time. This map dates from 1964 and also shows the new company name, Tidewater Oil Company.
In 1966, Flying A stations on the west coast were sold and the new east coast-only company changed its name to Getty Oil Company. This 1969 map was issued in 1969, the last year before the Flying A signs came down and all stations were rebranded to the new Getty brand.
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Frontier Refining of Denver was a refiner and marketer established during the Thirties. Frontier operated in the Rocky Mountain region.
Frontier Refining of Denver acquired Western States Petroleum of Salt Lake City, Utah in 1960 and thus expanded its operation to the western Rocky Mountain states, marketing under the Beeline name in that region. The Frontier name was retained in the existing marketing area east of the Rockies. This dual-branded map was issued shortly before the acquisition of Frontier by Husky Oil of Cody, Wyoming in 1968. Frontier and Beeline stations were rebranded as Husky around 1970.
Based in Buffalo, New York, this brand was unrelated to the larger, Denver-based brand using the same name.
This map was issued in 1954. Frontier of New York was acquired by Ashland during the mid-Fifties and rebranded to Ashland during the first years of the Sixties.
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