Oil company maps – North America – G

Gaseteria was a regional operation based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Gaseteria acquired Johnson Oil (and their Brilliant Bronze) brand in 1956 and, in turn, was itself acquired a year later by Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey, with Gaseteria stations being rebranded as Oklahoma (and later as Enco).
The oil-producing area in Cushing, Oklahoma once hosted a refiner/marketer known as Cushing Oil. Following this company's reorganization during the Thirties, the company name was changed to Gibble and eventually became strictly a retailer. This map was issued in the Sixties. Gibble is still in limited operation in Oklahoma.
The Gilmore Oil Company was established in California during the early years of the century and launched gasoline marketing during the Twenties. Gilmore subsequently amassed a large operation in California, Oregon, and Washington by the time they were acquired by Socony-Vacuum in 1940. Stations were rebranded to Mobilgas toward the end of World War II. Bold and colorful maps featuring the Gilmore lion were a Gilmore hallmark.
Globe Oil and Refining operated on a franchise basis, offering its Globe brand name to the marketers of unbranded fuels. This map dates from 1937.
The Stoll Refining Company was founded in Louisville, Kentucky in the 1890s and entered gasoline marketing in the Twenties using the Golden Tip name. The company was acquired by Sinclair in 1948 and the Golden Tip name was dropped in favor of Sinclair in 1952. This map was issued in 1951.
This Gulf map was issued in 1929.
This map dates from the late Thirties and is one of my favorite maps issued by one of the major oil companies. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was Gulf's headquarters and it is appropriate that Gulf chose a particularly dynamic image to capture its hometown as the capital of America's industrial might.
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This 1971 Gulf folder is a strip map showing the route along Interstate 95 from the northeast to the then-new Walt Disney World theme park in central Florida. Gulf, long a major presence in the southeast, obtained an exclusive agreement with Disney to operate a service station on the park grounds. A similar Gulf issue was issued for midwesterners traveling to and from Disney World via Interstate 75.
M. M. Fowler was a Gulf distributor located in Durham, North Carolina. This city map of Durham was issued in 1960. Since this map was locally-issued, its design differs from the designs used by Gulf's nationwide mapping program.
Smith Oil was a distributor/marketer of Gulf products based in Rockford, Illinois. This 1966 map of Rockford shows both brand names.
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