Oil company maps – North America – X-Z

The Zephyr brand was used by the Naph-Sol Refining Co., of Muskegon, Michigan. The company operated stations primarily within Michigan and Wisconsin, with a minor presence in Indiana. This Zephyr company is not related to the other company (J. D. Streett) marketing under the Zephyr name in other parts of the midwest. This map dates from 1952.
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This map was issued by the Naph-Sol Refining Co. in 1961, and shows the company's later logo.
This 1970 Zephyr map, issued by the Naph-Sol Refining Co., of Muskegon, Michigan, includes the Osceola brand, which had been recently acquired by Naph-Sol. The map itself consists of the official Michigan and Wisconsin highway maps issued by the respective state departments of transportation, printed back-to-back and with Zephyr covers in place of the normal state covers.
The J. D. Streett company was based in the St. Louis area, and began retailing gasoline in 1939 throughout parts of the central midwest.
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This 1972 map was issued by the J. D. Streett Zephyr operation. The cover is a Rand McNally generic map cover used by several other minor marketers. A few Zephyr stations remain in operation as of this writing.